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French Press Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator

Your coffee fanatic friends finally convinced you that the answer to your subpar coffee problems is to buy a French Press. So, you ditched your lackluster drip coffeemaker in lieu of a superior cylindrical pot and plunger.

There’s only one problem. Now the quality of your cup of joe relies solely on your ability to master the perfect coffee-to-water ratio.

We know finding the ideal proportions of coffee and water can be an intricate process, so to keep you from relapsing to a plug and pour brew method, we’ve put together a guide that will help take the guesswork out brewing the perfect blend with a French Press.

French Press Ratio Calculator

Put away the pencil and paper; This coffee calculator will help you gauge the perfect ratio of coffee to water based on your preferred brew strength, so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time enjoying the perfect cup of joe.


How Strong Do You Want Your Coffee?

The French Press employs a coffee brewing method called immersion. In other words, the coffee is immersed in water while it brews.

For this reason, in order to achieve a bolder, flavorful brew, you’ll want to add more coffee. In terms of ratios, a 1:15 ratio describes 1 part (gram) of coffee to 15 parts (or Milliliters) water, a stronger brew, while a 1:18 ratio is 1 part coffee and 18 parts water and will be more diluted by water.

Ratio 1: Strong

To achieve a bold, flavorful cup of coffee, guaranteed to rattle you awake, you’ll want to use a 1:10 to 1:12 ratio. So, if you’re making 12 oz of coffee, that would equate to approximately 30 grams of coffee with 300 mL of water.

Ratio 2: Normal

If you’re not quite sure what you prefer, a good place to start is somewhere in the middle. The everyday coffee drinker will generally use a 1:13 to 1:15 ratio or approximately 20g of coffee to 300mL of water.

Ratio 3: Light

If you prefer just a little bit of coffee with your water, or a diluted brew, start with a 1:16 to 1:18 coffee to water ratio, or approximately 18g of coffee to 300 mL of water.

Using Weight Instead of Scoops For Your Brew

coffee scale

How you measure your coffee matters. Now that you’ve mastered that art of coffee-to-water ratios, you should know that all of your coffee crafting magic will be in vain if you use a scoop to measure.

Not all coffee beans are created equal. Although they may look alike and definitely taste delicious, the density of your beans will always vary. For that reason, the accuracy of your measurements depend on weight (i.e. using a scale) rather than volume (using a scoop).

By now, you know that perfecting the coffee-to-water ratio depends on precise measurements, which in turn, depend on a consist  grams or ounces of coffee. If one scoop is heavier than the other, your coffee-to-water ratio will be inaccurate and your quality of coffee will surely suffer.


The coffee-to-water equation isn’t the only hurdle you’ll need to overcome in your quest for the best French Press brew, but it’s arguably the most important. So, ditch your drip machine and standard scoop so you can weigh your way to the perfect cup of coffee, every single time.