Brewing Methods

Pouring black hot coffee from a french press.

French Press Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator

Put away the pencil and paper; This coffee calculator will help you gauge the perfect ratio of coffee to water based on your preferred brew strength.
Keurig vs French Press

Keurig vs French Press - Comparing Capsule Brewing to Manual

Ever sat at home sipping the brown water that spurted from your Keurig, wondering if there’s better coffee than this? We’re comparing Keurig to the French press...
Moka Pot vs AeroPress

Moka Pot vs AeroPress

Perhaps you’re ready to do your espresso at home and don’t know where to start. Today we’ll outline for you the two best almost-espresso makers: the Moka Pot and the AeroPress.
Moka Pot vs French Press

Moka Pot vs French Press

Read on to find out just how much the Moka Pot and the French press actually have in common. And which one you may want to try next.
Moka Pot vs Espresso

Under Pressure: How a Moka Pot Compares to an Espresso Machine

Today we’ll take a look at these two pressure brewing methods to see whether or not a Moka Pot is a worthy competitor to an espresso machine.
Espresso vs French Press

Steep or Steam: Your Guide to French Press Coffee vs Espresso

Today we’ll walk you through the world of steeping (French press) and steaming (espresso) coffee to help you pick the next method to master.
Drip vs Pour Over

Pour Over vs Drip - Which Gravity Method Works Best?

In the barista world, there’s no question whether drip or pour over coffee is better. But we aren’t all baristas in specialty coffee shops. Which Gravity Method Works Best?
AeroPress vs Pour Over

Upping Your Game: Pour Over vs. AeroPress

What exactly is the difference between the manual methods? Why should I choose one over the other? Our complete guide to pour over coffee vs. the AeroPress.
Pour Over vs French Press

French Press vs Pour Over - The Bottom Line on These Brew Methods

This article gives you the full rundown on the two most popular manual brewing methods: the French press and the pour over. We’ll help you decide which is the best brewing method for you.
Drip vs French Press

Quitting the Drip? A Side by Side Look at Drip Coffee and the French Press

Coffee making machines save time and energy. But they lack the precision and the finesse that a French Press provides. So is it worth it to switch?