How to Use a Percolator

When the percolator method is perfected, this tried-and-true brewing method produces a seriously stellar pot of coffee.

8+ Ways to Add Flavor to Your Coffee

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Comparing Classic and 2.0 Keurig Brewers

Within the past six years, Keurig attempted to fix some of the frustrations people had with their single-serve coffee makers by introducing the Keurig 2.0 line.

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Moka Pot vs AeroPress

Perhaps you’re ready to do your espresso at home and don’t know where to start. Today we’ll outline for you the two best almost-espresso makers: the Moka Pot and the AeroPress.

How Long is Brewed Coffee Good For?

Chances are, you’ve momentarily contemplated when your brew will turn from a delicious pick-me-up to a questionably dangerous, tangy, lukewarm disaster.

The Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee

You’re not alone if you’ve been throwing ice over 12-hour-old, lukewarm coffee and calling it iced coffee. And you’re not wrong, it is iced and it is coffee.

Does Coffee Go Bad? The Skinny on Coffee’s Shelf Life

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Tripping on Coffee? Questions About Coffee’s Acidity Answered

We’ll give you the rundown on coffee’s pH and what that means for your daily cup of joe. It’s not bad to drink acidic coffee every day, even if you have heartburn or GERD.